Photocopy? Photosexy!, 2023

“Photocopy? Photosexy!” highlights the profound influence
of the “copy”, mirroring Walter Benjamin’s insights into the potential of mechanical reproduction. Beginning with an original photocopy of a photograph, we immediately ensure accessibility for a broader audience. The copy is, however, copied and evolves through generative AI processes, reshaping the image.
This sequence finds its resonance in the disruptive technology introduced by Xerox in 1964: the P140 photocopier. Just as Xerox revolutionized reproduction, here, we witness how AI generated copies can transcend their original.
Throughout this cycle, “Photocopy? Photosexy!” underscores the transformative and alluring potential an AI generated copy possesses, transcending the original digital image of the man. It offers a distinct, compelling narrative, resonating on multiple levels, akin to the way Xerox’s disruptive technology forever altered the post industrial era landscape of reproduction.