Collectivus Vigoros, 2022

Communities are living organisms. They are alive through the people. These members are the blood, the cells, the bones, the muscle, sinew and ligament. Life is not an object or even material in nature. It is ordered and unordered, unorganized, and sometimes, a beautiful mess of data, and others a complex matrix of patterns. Life is the act of being alive. These are the ingredients of a healthy and dynamic community

Collectivus Vigoros is a generative work employing custom software to create a constantly evolving blueprint of a community. In this work the first term is the genus Collectivus(Latin) meaning collective. A village is a collective of individuals. The second term, Vigoros(old French) meaning vigorous. The combination of these terms is vigorous collective.

Collectivus Vigoros presents community simultaneously in 2 states. First as a living organism experiencing the constant shifts of chaotic change. Second, the work is presented in a strict framework of an architectural drawing, the order and fine detail that accompanies modern city planning. The duality presented by Collectivus Vigoros illustrates a world of rules and regulations that disguise a seething, moving, mass of humanity occupying our communities. Living.