Resonance of Silence, 2023

“Resonance of Silence: Contemplative Evolution” merges the mysterious influence of the Monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey with ideas explored in Erik Davis’s TechGnosis. The artwork emulates the Monolith’s role as a catalyst for profound leaps in understanding and capability. Through its calculated serenity and evocative visuals, the installation resonates with the internal landscapes of its viewers, inviting them to engage with questions about human potential, spiritual growth, and the complex intricacies of mind and universe.
In this non-interactive space, the work becomes a dynamic canvas for introspection, acting as a technological extension of the self. This idea aligns with Davis’s insight that media technologies influence our perspectives while integrating themselves into our mindset, redrawing the boundaries between media and self in what Davis refers to as the “technomystical.” “Resonance of Silence: Contemplative Evolution” provides a backdrop for quiet yet profound dialogue for contemplative evolution.